21 September 2021
Kitron’s technical services at a glance
For many years, Kitron is known as a leading Scandinavian Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company.
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26 August 2021
Working together to drive innovation
This is the story that follows the development of a product housing screws assembly at Kitron Lithuania.
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05 July 2021
Making the visual inspection smarter with artificial intelligence
Quality is the anchor of our business and it comes with a constant strive for more effective ways of reaching our goals.
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26 April 2021
Investing in future leaders is a way forward
In the latest years, electronics became one of the fastest-growing industries that pushed Kaunas, a Lithuanian city, forward.
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24 March 2021
Kitron 2020: a year in review
2020 certainly was a year like no other, but we are happy to say that we did our best to serve our customers while keeping our employees' safety one of the main priorities.
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26 February 2021
The technology of incredible accuracy at Kitron China
This article is created for a deep dive into the most exciting technology we have implemented at Kitron. One of them is a quick, efficient and extremely accurate device – the Robot Arm.
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29 January 2021
A sophisticated solution for flexible in-line automated optical inspection
This article will focus on new a flexible custom made automated optical inspection (AOI) device.
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02 December 2020
Kitron and Appsens aim to prevent stroke with heart sensor
150,000 people in Norway have heart fibrillation, 50,000 of them are unaware of it, in addition anyone over the age of 65 is basically in the risk group.
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20 November 2020
3D printing: the road from prototype to production
This article will focus on developing new solutions with 3D-printing, some of the projects we have done and the road from prototype to production.
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24 September 2020
Our secret to precision - The Position Control Stand at Kitron Lithuania
This time, we would like to show how we strive the highest quality on manual screwdriving process. There’s no magic in here – only technology and precision.
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26 August 2020
Automatic screw fastening robot
This article will give you a deeper look into the technological progress of Kitron manufacturing processes, particulary getting to know the automatic screw fastening robot, and disclose a vision to the future of innovation.
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16 July 2020
3D printing in Kitron's daily operations
At times 3D-printing is associated with rapid prototyping and development. However, at Kitron, the main purpose for utilization of additive manufacturing is production applications.
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21 May 2020
Introduction of 3D printing at Kitron
We want to share some insights into our technological progress with the outside world. This particular article will provide an introduction to 3D printing and outline the broad ideas behind our utilization.
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